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Take Charge, Get Tested! APRI offers free, rapid HIV, hepatitis C, and syphilis testing during walk-in hours at the Mega-Plex Clinic, You can also contact APRI directly to find other locations for testing or set up an appointment at the local office.


We are proud to offer free HIV, hepatitis C, and syphilis testing through our “Take Charge, Get Tested!” program and to help individuals and couples learn their HIV status in a safe, comfortable, and private environment. Our qualified professional testing counselors provide free, confidential, rapid testing on a walk-in basis on the following days    by

View our events calendar for dates of when APRI will have testing

Thanks to APRI and their professionally trained staff, we were able to offer on-the-spot rapid testing services in a confidential, comfortable, and completely anonymous environment so that you can feel at ease throughout the entire process. We also can help you find services offered by Use their easy-to-navigate tool to find nearby locations that offer the services you need, including testing and PreP services. Help to find providers and programs that will cover any cost that some insurance companies may not cover is as easy as putting your zip code in. 
Start taking control of your health today.


No more waiting for results.....

Rapid testing results within 20 minutes!


Free Take home test! Test on your time! Test in your home!

APRI also can provide you with a take home test just speak with one of there staff members by visiting them during testing dates in the Mega-Plex Clinic office.

What is PreP?    How to find PreP

Free PreP Guide

Use this tool to find services near you.

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